Social Media

So you might want to watch, follow, friend, etc me on different social media. Great, I love social media! So much I have too many accounts, especially on Twitter (oops)! Below a guide to my social networking profiles and what they’re for.


Account Type About Language For who?
[not public] account personal, real life mostly Dutch real life friends
Ten Mashi account personal, online mostly English online friends and acquaintances
Rattery Castor page rats & rattery Dutch anyone interested in (my) rats
piRats page rat forum Dutch members of theĀ forum


Account Privacy About Language SFW? For who?
@Tenmashi locked personal mostly English SFW friends mostly
@ToxiFursuit public fursuit/furry English SFW furries :D
@RatteryCastor public rats & rattery Dutch SFW anyone interested in (my) rats
@piRatsNL public rat forum Dutch SFW members of theĀ forum
@AlvaLabRat locked animal tech mix :p ~NSFW anyone really*
[not public] locked rant account mix ~NSFW friends only
[not public] locked After Dark English NSFW friends only

*) it’s only locked because I don’t want the general public to read everything anonymously, but otherwise it’s public to anyone who wants to read about lab animals, animals skeletons, etc.